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Author: William H. Necco LW3DYL J. V. Gonzalez 1324 - (1852) Burzaco - Buenos This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .arThe GACW is a great satisfaction and pride to present this coveted project armed with low-power computers for beginners (and not so much) in CW mode.The author has a passion for experimentation, one who treasures and undertaken with zeal and love each of his creations, and here has done an excellent job in highlighting the election of the simplest configurations, besides the use materials readily available in any business engaged in the electronics and most importantly, the cost of purchasing all materials represents a sum to be easily reached by any pocket.The choice of the band is not something casual. The 7 MHz have excellent local daylight, opening with the Antipodes to sunrise and sunset and excellent DX conditions overnight, which added to the authorization held by novices to operate it were decisive in their choice.

In the photograph the QRP armed by Cesar LU3FID

Athrough each delivery attempt has been made available to all of you, a detailed breakdown of components and assembly techniques and forms, with a broad educational sense, so it is possible that some issues are well known for the most experienced, but it is necessary to include in detail for those new to this type of experience.William, who has already published other work for the band of 80 meters in SSB, which is currently being developed in the Radio Club Almirante Guillermo Brown LU3DY, has chosen these developments for the telegraph, armed as it is a more simple, presents the technical advantages and the extraordinary penetration into the communications even under the worst-ionospheric propagation.


Pictured Hector LU6UO / D operating the QRP from the town of Morse in the province of Buenos Aires

The development of the project also includes other aspects such as the construction of platelets and / or groups to assemble and also the provision of these sets of technical schools that participate in the program The Way Radio a safe and secure. Nevertheless, we still have to retrace a path laborious, which as always, try to walk slowly but surely to arrive at a successful conclusion and with the satisfaction of all.

In the picture Cesar LU3FID your QRP station notebook

The first step was taken on December 1, 2003, and here we are, soldering iron in hand, shipped to fruition.All these projects can be viewed and downloaded from the web page whose address is historical.


In the photograph of James LU9DSS QRP station

You can also visit the site of the LU group Schools for more information, practical aspects of the operation and other projects.

LU5FZ page shows pictures of various occasions on which one of these and other equipment and antennas were used effectively in the bands. 

In the picture the GACW 7 Gabriel LU5FZ/QRP station


Photo above: William LW3DYL receiving an honorable mention for the work and contributions made at the hands of Raul LU6EF.

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