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Wednesday, 11 October 2006 19:13


• The GACW born in in the territory of the province of Buenos Aires in June 1977, by the concurrence of LU1DZ, LU2DFX and LU6EF.
• With this realization is an attempt to fill a huge void in the aspirations of the Morse radioamateurs, who have lacked adequate representation by the lack of a front or entity to represent them and then they should face the incomprehension of his
rights and claims.
• The rules on which the operation has been taking the group are as follows below.

Organization Type: Association.

Definition: This is a movement of ideas led, in order to establish a climate of opinion for all amateur radio operators and in particular, based on codes of ethics, conduct and solidarity, committed to the true spirit of Amateur Radio Service
 of the ITU.


1 - Formation of a front or school of thought that represents the thinking of Morsistas independently of any institution or business entity.

2 - Protection of the rights we are entitled.

3 - Organization of an international competition.

4 - Publication of a newsletter devoted to technical information and DX CW operator.

Operation: Will be held on the basis of a triumvirate, whose members will be called coordinators, each of whom shall proportional representation.
Decisions are taken by simple majority, after all they are aware of the appropriate item.

Treatment: The treatment of topics will be enforceable, it still needed the physical presence of the coordinators in one place for the adoption of decisions. The use of radio or telephone, messages, etc..
will be sufficient means to ensure the continuation of the objectives.

Members: Members shall be considered to all those amateur and / or listeners that they carry out the necessary formalities and will be called Supporting Members.

Accession: Amateurs from all over the world can join the GACW through the online membership form provided for that purpose.

Appointments: Coordinators may delegate tasks to others GACW members, which will be called delegates and / or secretaries and fulfill their goals with the same standards of ethics and conduct.
The appointments may be temporary and / or permanent as desirable and more convenient.

Secretariat: The secretariat is completed in a complementary manner by all coordinators.

Delegates: Luis Pistoia, LU5GPL Website Support - Diplomas by Fernando E.
LW2DX Fernandez.

Consultant / Adviser: In order to preserve and build upon the experience of those who have been active in ham radio and particularly through the Morse, established the position of "Consultant / Advisor" to those who by virtue of their background and operate as such may warrant their participation in the life of our group. The consultant / adviser to provide advice to the coordinators on the issues related to the life of our group.
The appointment of a consultant shall follow the proposal and consultation processes as if it were the appointment of a Coordinator.

Standards and original guide lines for the operation of GACW, adopted on the occasion of his training in the town of Longchamps, Buenos Aires on June 1, 1977. Changes made during its operation, following the procedure of proportional representation and by unanimous vote of the respective coordinators.

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