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Heroes and Legends of the Radio









From time to time is good to look a bit like our past, like opening a window into the experiences and to draw some conclusions and lessons there.

In the photo: Marcelino J. Garcia LU7DSU with receiver, transmitter, modulator, variable-frequency oscillator, power supply, etc. built by himself

During a time of my activity in the radio station had in my receiver provided by a friend of the brand ER, 2 HF model, it was a double conversion superheterodyne all valves, an enhanced version of the original "ER 62 "Engineer specializing in RF Romanian Rodolfo Francisco Engster LU8DJM name, who seems to have born in Radausti, a small village very close to the border with Ukraine, 1906.

Came from Europe to Argentina accompanied by wife Stefania Swoboda and settled in the district of Ciudadela. Are your kids H. female and one male R. M.

Don Engster started producing traditional way laboriously and some equipment such as converters and receivers, counting with the few elements that were available in those times in these parts.

The receiver model "ER 62" ran the republic and neighboring countries to settle in the radio room as possible, radio clubs knew of their quality and served there for many years. The Radio Club
LU8YE Andes still keeps one.

There were these teams advance elements, I think the only thing included was solid state multiplier Q, but they were cheap and profitable and had within it the love and the hand of someone who enjoy building and solving the many difficulties presented to it.

The model 2 HF ER "came with better presentation and finishing, add a plastic cover to dial a Q multiplier to improve the selectivity on CW and SSB, keys with silver contacts and coils
own construction, etc. Another feature was that the measurement of the antenna signal in microvolts - uV instead of using the classical pieces "S".

I think the last thing Don Engster built was the issuer of BLU model F100 ER ", leaving us a legacy that" you can still "no matter how complicated the challenge, something that should be played by many of us. Those who today believe that "technology has earned us" - "can no longer be" and we surrender to the beauty of the imported equipment, should know that with the knowledge and determination, nothing is impossible.

In another phase of his life in the twilight, and moved to Villa Gessell, the city where he died and where his remains lie.

When I look in my memories I can not help thinking that a big part of my private and professional life has passed very close to the ham radio, communications and information technology, but while there are many career stages and individuals remember great satisfaction, is next to the radio where I find my identity, feel the pride of ham, one being different, strange and intriguing perhaps for the rest of society, but proud of it, knowing my place and meet my accomplishments and failures, someone with special knowledge and technology that combines the social, the effort beside the failure and success, a person dedicated to do good and fight evil, supportive and aware of the needs of others.













Pictured Mist LU5DSF converter connected to a rado of OL

I still keep in my mind the romance of the SOS, the experiences of Leyden, the Museum of Leonardo Da Vinci, Marconi visit Bernal, towers and antennas Transradio - Villa Elisa - Bananas - General Pacheco - Don Bosco, the FAPES valves (Philips), Don Rodolfo Engster LU8DJM, Engineer SOLYDINE Bonello, the directional Deneb RA 33, the Casa Galli, receivers and Fapeco TEVYCOM equipment, transmitters BEH, Radio Laino and Gatti, all of which constitutes a real treasure.

A treasure that I can say that ham radio is one of the most wonderful activities that can develop a human being restless and opens many possibilities, earned the respect of society and the legitimate right to occupy a prominent place within it.

From "Heroes and Legends", I am very proud to be "Amateur" and although many of you come from another stage, a stage where our values have been questioned by ourselves, I invite you to feel the same way "radiating "This feeling to his colleagues and
life friends in order to reinstall them knowledge and respect that we deserve.

Amateur Radio Viva ...!!!

Best regards.
Alberto LU1DZ

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