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These are some of the anagrams and images GACW you can use to identify your cards and mail.

According to Internet Explorer that you possess, you can save this page with your images and then work the logos with an image editor to suit your needs.
In this case all the work of preparation was done with the shareware program Paint Shop Pro, but there are other much more complete and that will allow you to make some modifications.

Besides they can use any other you prefer, related to the activity and not undermined the objective of our grouping.

To copy these images.

With the cursor over the image you want to copy, click the right mouse button and choose "Save Image As", and you can select the destination folder.

 The eQSLcc

If you are a user can use this image eQSLcc found in the gallery of pictures of eQSLcc, free of charge. Corresponds exactly to the requested size for option # 1 (Style 1) 320 x 240 pix.

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