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100 years And Reunion

My advisor told me "undercover" - Manolo Milamperes that during the talks of the boys in GACW has said that the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the town of Morse, 7, 8 and 9 will be next May an opportunity to meet with members of GACW and other amateurs in the area, noting the Second Meeting of Friends of GACW inside the country.
Although in the small town there are no restaurants or eating house, not so some accommodation will be housed in tents and others in Baigorrita or Junin, this may be the opportunity to meet informally, as they fall and gathered around radio stations in the square, accompanied by celebratory events, we can share good times with friends of the telegraph and the radio all. (Given the lack of places to stay, has recommended to the local population close to double-locked at night).
Not missing a dunk and a cookie to temper the spirits and encourage fruitful discussion of the newest or the anecdotes of the oldest (if you remember) and who knows, maybe we encourage and we if we choripan runs the librarian or the cure. (Also have been suggested to the villagers keep hens in a safe place and have a special security service, armed to the teeth neighboring farmers fields).
Remember that on Friday, 7 from noon and will be assembling the antennas and stations operating from tardecía that day at school will be No. 2 with the presentation of LU Schools Group and the projection of films and the program of festivities takes place all day Saturday, we will continue until mid-afternoon on Sunday. 


The stations will be installed in the Library building shown in the photo sharing space with a photographic exhibition of old families of the place. (It also says that more young people have signed up to attend the Disco FAX discarding the spread of the sunrise on the low bands).
The stations will be operated by each using their own amateur radio license and with the addition of the bar and the corresponding letter, in my case will be as in the previous activity in which I chose LU1DZ / E to distinguish it from my other activities in the province of Buenos Aires. (Hopefully better than LU3DY where it was difficult for anyone to leave his post and had a friend going from one place to another because I could not get them to make a small place).
They have already secured their presence:
Gaby LU5FZ / D (want to operate QRP with the antenna sigmatic underground).
Gabriel LU3DAT / D (rat in the laburo? - What can the radio).
Hector LU6UO / D (assure you that if the bands are closed recite some of his verses, and if they are open too).
Guillermo LW1EXU / D (ensuring that this time too and will come later.)
Juan Carlos LU9DO / D (ship comes sailing in his motor with GPS)
Fernando LW2DX / D (ready to assemble the vertical clamp).
Daniel LW2DJY / D (come with stamp and pad?).
Marcelino LU7DSU / D (is trying to cast off with the help of his closest friends).
... Others are negotiating with the XYL and seeing the availability of time to be present as long as possible, while some of the oldest lament not being able to be heading for various reasons (which was the radio?, Rheumatism, where is Morse, the XYL will not let me go alone, etc).
There are plans to maintain communications with a CW station permanently, while others enable at least two to work on phone and digital and some VHF.
Directions to Morse.
Morse is a town of just over 1,100 inhabitants that lies just 30 km from the city of Junin by asphalt road.
Distances to Junin:
Buenos Aires 260 Km
La Plata 316 KM.
Lujan 190 km
Gral Pico 414 km
9 de Julio 77 km.
Chacabuco 73 km
May 25 100 KM.
Adrogue 275 km
Saladillo 145 KM.
Bragado 55 km
Chivilcoy 110 km
From this link you can see some pictures of this typical village and its buildings and its location right on the map.
During the events of the celebration on Saturday 8 canteen will be provided from 12.00.
Not that the boys are selfish or magueros but I remark that in exchange for a package of grass or a cookie, perhaps access to an operating position. (Lanyards with only a water bottle refrain) - (in a low hear someone say that with half a dozen sausages have the respect and time of operation with good propagation guaranteed).
... But have assured me that ultimately all will be welcome and especially if the carrier is cool no matter the band or mode.
Do not hesitate to contact you to help them find the place (and the people where it is?)
Best regards
Alberto LU1DZ

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