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Beloved Son GACW

This partnership was born as a result of the program The Way Radio a safe and secure, which seeks the promotion of amateur radio activities in schools.

Independently, but closely linked to GACW and Gabriel's hand LU5FZ Drago seconded by several of our members and accompanied by radio amateurs from all over the country and some other countries, has achieved an important development in meeting its objectives.

That is why the GACW has designated this band as his beloved son and has been added to the objectives of this new phase of our grouping Institutional.

Maximum Escueleras:

- Teaching is like planting and harvesting and never see the greatest satisfaction is to have done our best because we love what we do, without any further speculation.

- The activity of group LU-Schools is an affair of the heart, with the sole purpose of amateur radio spread among children.

- The only actors in this project are children and that his eyes are only serving to score the only possible way for this activity for the common good.

- The Amateur Radio is a true act of magic, open to all children who want to experience the pleasure of dreams and illusions, writing the chapters of his own adventure with radio waves.

- LU-Schools is a "seal" as identification, but that is not made of rubber or printed on paper, this ink indelibly in the minds and hearts of its members.
- Be a Member of Schools LU generates no more than the commitment to participate and cooperate in the best possible way with the activities and targets.

- While LU-Schools is formed mainly by amateur radio, you're looking to be an interdisciplinary group, so that the doors are open to nonmembers, but they can bring to this project for their cooperation and knowledge.

- Teaching staff must occupy a prominent position in the LU-Schools activities, by their profession, dedication and experience, which serves to advise and outline the actions in social settings more appropriate and possible.

- Radio clubs and other amateur radio organizations will be considered as an important part of the activities of LU SCHOOLS.

- To inculcate in children the concept that Amateur Radio is an educational activity with the technical guidance, and that its exercise must always prevail sense of solidarity with others, the spirit of fair play in competitions and respect individual abilities of the participants and avoiding all kinds of ethnic, social, political or religious.

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